by Robert Salas and James Klotz
Foreword by Raymond E. Fowler
ISBN 1-4196-0341-8

Have Unidentified Flying Objects ever
affected this nationís major weapon systems?

Nearly 20 Minuteman nuclear missiles rendered inoperable - cause: never determined.

Now you can read a firsthand account of the Malmstrom Air Force Base missile/UFO incident  as told by Robert Salas and other witnesses.  The post incident investigation, involving the Air Force and defense contractors, was never able to determine the source of the missile shutdowns.  The incident, the investigation, and other UFO sightings are extensively documented using declassified US Air Force documents, witness interviews, photographs and drawings.  Extensively footnoted. 

National Security was certainly negatively impacted when nearly 20 nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles were rendered inoperable one morning in March 1967 while UFO came near missile installations.  The official USAF position is that no UFO has ever affected national security.  Is this true?  After Reading Faded Giant, make up your own mind.

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